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HR - Recruiting – Sourcing

No one knows recruiting better than the recruiters at Crucial Hire. As recruiters who specialize in the field of human resources we have deep pockets in recruiting of recruiters. There is too much research to validate that the Inuit’s have over 50 words for snow. At Crucial Hire we over 50 types of recruiters to zero in on namely; Corporate Recruiters, IT Recruiters, Finances Recruiters, Executive Search, Marketing Recruiters, Administrative Staffing, Contract Recruiters, High Volume Recruiters, Healthcare Recruiters, Real-estate Recruiters, Industry specific Recruiters and of course HR Recruiters, among many others. Recruiting recruiters is one of our deepest pockets and we are extremely connected across the country across industries. We use our proprietary applicant-tracking system to identify large pools of recruiters coupled with our in-depth skill assessment, vetting, and interview process to ensure a great long-term fit for both candidates and clients. In order to have a successful group of people inside your organization, you need highly motivated recruiters who know how to recognize the right talent for you. Crucial Hire excels at recruiting for recruiters because we have a first-hand understanding of the significance of the recruiter role within an organization.

HR – Generalist

If you are looking for the most qualified personnel who excel in all areas of human resources, look no further than our comprehensive applicant-tracking database boasting thousands of potential candidates. With a proven data-driven system of highly-vetted HR generalists with significant experience and a history of promotions, Crucial Hire is an industry leader in HR generalist placements. With the understanding that these individuals must be highly skilled in order to manage the crucial day-to-day HR operations of your organizations, it is our promise to provide only the best candidates that you’ll most definitely hire and retain for years to come.

HR - HRA - Coordinator/Admin

Administrative assistants and HR coordinators are essential for keeping large operations running smoothly. Therefore, it is crucial to acquire knowledgeable, detail-orientated individuals who can multitask in order to ensure optimal organizational performance. We are routinely asked to provide HR coordinators with runway who can be promoted over time as well as the admin staff that have decided to make administration their life’s work in order to support their company. HR admin’s handle on-boarding, scheduling of appointments, and intra-organizational communication between departments. Ultimately, having the right person in this role positively influences how an organization works together now and in the future.

HR - Entry Level - Intern (0-2 Years)

Once prospective HR professionals graduate college, they are looking for entry-level positions that help them gain practical real-world experience in corporate America. We at Crucial Hire are extremely tied in and knowledgeable about target HR schools as well as how many other known for producing great talent. We are dedicated to helping fresh, high-potential individuals come together with well-established organizations in order to facilitate a relationship that allows both parties to grow and prosper. We exclusively work with up-and-coming college graduates who are bright, motivated, and eager to gain more knowledge and experience related to the field of human resources. Ultimately, these are the kind of people that will drive an organization’s success.

HR - Compensation

Compensation is often times the deciding factor in getting prospective candidates to join your organization. In order to provide a cost-effective compensation package that will satisfy your employees, companies must have certified individuals who are experts in planning and executing the total rewards (cash & non-cash) that an employee expected to receive in exchange for the services he/she provides. Our job at Crucial Hire is to help you acquire the right people to provide the compensation your employees deserve.

HR - Benefits

The Benefits role is crucial to you company providing better incentives for their employees. According to From 2015 to 2016, three out of five organizations (60%) report that their benefits offerings have remained the same, and one-third (33%) report an increase in employee Benefits. Your benefits professional maintains health, dental, and vision coverage, as well as retirement plans and 401Ks. Crucial Hire is here to help you find the most certified professionals that will ensure the people of your company are optimally satisfied and motivated to come into work every day.

HR – Training

Training & Development includes a variety of learning activities for employees to enhance their ability to perform productively by increasing their knowledge and pertinent to their daily tasks. Different types of training include onsite training, offsite programs, online classes, conferences, workshops, simulations, and so on. An effective training and development coordinator should be able to design, implement, and deliver training programs to their workforce in an effective manner. In order to accomplish this, the individual must be communicative, creative, and team-oriented. Crucial Hire helps you acquire highly qualified individuals who will positively teach, develop, engage, and motivate your employees.

HR - Instructional Design

Instructional Design is a systematic process of designing, developing, and delivering educational training materials to ensure effective performance and employee development. It includes analyses of learning needs, organizational goals, and communication techniques that help facilitate an improvement of the workforce’s knowledge, skills, and abilities. Instructional designers are responsible for creating and executing such programs in order to improve worker performance and ultimately the collective organization. We at Crucial Hire understand the need for creative, hands-on candidates with demonstrated success in assessing, measuring, and facilitating organizational growth.

HR - Organizational Development

Organizational development involves the continuous process of developing an organization through planning, aligning, structuring, and improving organizational procedures in order to help its employees become more effective, efficient, productive, and engaged. HR plays a crucial role by initiating these processes leading to positive organizational change and performance. For this reason, every company needs to have experienced and credible OD executives to ensure that change is constructive and productive. We have developed a list of highly qualified, motivated, and engaged candidates with the potential to immediately help organizations develop their internal structure and talent pool.

HR - Leadership & Talent Development

People are the most important asset of an organization and employers must be able to keep their talented staff at a high morale. Talent development professionals are educated and experienced in understanding, managing, and developing strategic organizational plans in order to help them retain top talent by providing guidelines for goal attainment and upward organizational mobility. It is Crucial Hire’s guarantee to provide highly-vetted candidates who fit your organizational culture in order to best lead and development the talent of your company’s future.

HR - HRIS (Workday, PeopleSoft, SAP, ERP)

As the development of modern technology flourishes, Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) has become an integral part of the HR side of business. As HR professionals ourselves, we know that having an organized information system helps us track and store all pertinent information related to the people of our organization. When seeking an employee to manage this software, it is critical to find someone with both HR and IT skills. In reality, finding someone with such a broad skill range makes for a challenging search which is exactly why you should leave the job to us.

HR - Inclusion Diversity

Robust inclusion plans across organizations improve the total quantity and thus quality of candidates for its most important roles. The business case for Diversity and Inclusion is overwhelming, with greater diversity in perspectives by attracting racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse workplace teams in avoiding “groupthink” for one. More and more companies and clients tend to want to work with companies who are similarly as progressive as they are. The Civil Rights Act and Equal Employments Opportunity Commission (EEOC) prohibit discrimination based on employee characteristics such as age, race, origin, and the like. The companies that partner with us most often need us to help finding inclusion experts due to a continued business growth imperative and not just legal compliance.

HR - Labor - Union – Legal

Labor & Employee Relations is an important sector of HR as it consists of advising employees regarding work rules, employment laws, and contract-related issues. These HR professionals must be competitive, confident, and knowledgeable of all labor-related laws enforced by the US Department of Labor. If you are a part of an organization with labor unions, you need the right candidate who will negotiate work-related issues with employees as well as represent you as the employer when negotiating labor contracts. Make your job easier by having us find the right HR personnel focused on labor, union, and legal issues.

HR - Safety - EH&S

have numerous clients across the Fortune 500 Consumer Packaged Goods and manufacturing that rely on quality Safety professionals to keep their production facilities growing safely and prosperously. Considering that your employees are the most important asset of your organization, so is their health and safety. A safe work environment is crucial for keeping your workforce performing optimally and this is ensured through a competent HR department equipped with the knowledge, tools, and skills to understand the value of a safe and healthy work environment.

HR – Payroll

Payroll is one of the most important components of your human resource department because it deals with critical and confidential employee data such as financial information, mailing addresses, social security numbers, and so forth. For the most part, payroll employees manage the implementation of payments for all employees company wide. You can trust Crucial Hire to search and screen the right candidate who will respect and manage your employees’ most personal information and process payments in an efficient and timely manner.

HR - Small HR - HR for Under 150 FTE's

Even small companies with under 150 full-time employees need to have a steady and strong HR department in order to effectively grow and develop their workforce in order to perform the administrative duties related to employee management and labor regulations. Your HR department might not consist of a large amount of people but one experienced HR professional donning a wide range of knowledge, skills, and abilities can make all the difference.

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